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Home Pest Control

Hot and humid areas are home to many native insects that can be dangerous and challenge to control due to its humid and hot weather, which is ideal for pests to thrive. Although the pests may be aggravating, it is crucial to know the aim and effects of pest control before employing any pest control treatments in your home or commercial residence. 

All insects and bugs are necessary to maintain an ecological balance in nature. Therefore, uncontrolled eradication of an insect may lead to severe environmental consequences in that particular area. That is why it is essential to seek the advice of qualified and trained professionals to assist you with your pest problems at home or work. 

The primary process towards pest control is being able to assess the infestation you are experiencing and skillfully implement an effective and controlled treatment of the pest without causing an adverse effect to other non-threatening organisms in the vicinity. They can look after that, monitor the treatment process and make any necessary adjustments if needed. It is crucial to ensure environmental safety when controlling pests

Remember that as humans we have an environmental responsibility to safeguard nature to the best of our ability. Therefore, it is crucial to cautious of our environment even as we eradicate pests. Keep in mind that only harmful pests that disrupt our day to day lives should be eliminated and controlled and only from the areas where we are living or working. 

If there is no potential health risk from specific bugs and insects, then a simple form of control can be applied to ensure your comfort in your home, and harsh treatments should not be applied in this case. Pests should only refer to those insects that endanger the health of people and their pets or endanger people’s property. Treatments should be controlled by limiting emissions that may harm non-target organisms. That being said, let us look at the various pests that affect residents and the available methods of controlling these pests

Termites, Bugs, Ants, Mosquitos and Roof Rats

Why flies, spiders and insects are so frequent in humid areas?

Pest Control Services are carried out regularly due to the high number of indigenous insects and bugs found in the area. The common pests are termites, rodents, spiders, silverfish, ants, tick, fleas and fungus. However, keeping these bugs from disrupting your peace of mind at home or your place of work is not an easy task. This is because pests themselves are not always nesting in the open. They come out of their homes to look for mostly moisture and food, and this is where they became a nuisance to you.

Usually, an insect or bug becomes a pest when you can actively see the disruption they pose to your home or workplace. However, it is found that extensive damage has already been done to your home by a long-term infestation that you are only now beginning to feel and see. This is why most pest control West Palm Beach companies employ preventive pest control treatments to avoid pest issues altogether. 

Through integrated plans, they ensure that you can protect your entire home before any severe infestation occurs. These preventive pest control treatments work well in areas such as South Florida where controlling pests is done with the intention also to preserve the different species of insects that call this haven their home. 

Let us look into the main preventative methods used for pest control.

Preventive Pest Control Treatments

Mosquito Control Solutions

Areas as South Florida has been infested with the Zika virus that is transmitted by mosquitoes. During the summer these insects come out in large numbers and spread diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to limit conditions that promote their breeding and help to control the population of mosquitoes. This preventative method focuses on limiting the number of mosquitoes that are born instead of eliminating existing ones once they have become pests.

Clearing out Gutters to avoid insects

Insects thrive in gutters especially those that are full of debris. Channels that are dull of debris also fill up with stagnant water which is essential for insects. Water and food is their main priority. Therefore, by clearing out gutters, we eliminate the necessary things they need to survive. This will force the insects to live and breed elsewhere and reduce the number of pests in the area.


Fumigation is considered as a whole structure control treatment that has two essential consequences. It firstly eliminates any infestations that are already in existence throughout the entire property. Fumigation usually removes any organism within the treated area and caution should be observed to control this treatment within the structure only. Typically, a tarp is placed around the treated area to avoid other non-targeted organisms from being affected by the Vikane gas used. Most pest control technicians will also use Chloropicrin gas as an indicator that a toxin gas has been used in the area. Since Vikane gas is odourless and tasteless a second gas, the chloropicrin gas, is used to ward of any person, animal or insect from the treated area. 

Secondly, fumigation has a long-lasting effect and can keep off pests from your property for several months, allowing you to enjoy your property in peace. This is the preventative part of fumigation as it tends to destroy the nesting grounds of pests if efficiently applied. Remember to schedule any home repairs and modifications before carrying out fumigation. This is because any new wood used in a home may be already infected with a pest such as termites and may end up re-infesting your home. 

Green Shield Treatments

This service focuses on using non-chemical measures to prevent pest intrusions and to ward of infestations. The service is certified through the Integrated Pest Management Institute of North America and ensures the protection of public health, non-targeted organisms and the environment as well.

Most Common Treatments of Insect Home Invaders

The most commonly controlled pests are termites, ants, mosquitoes, houseflies, ticks and fleas and fungus. Let us discuss some of the treatments used for these common home invaders.

Termite Control

termite infestation is quite challenging to detect. Usually, the appearance of softwood and damaged wood are the most natural ways of discovering a termite infestation. This is because termite mounds are very far from the actual property and stretch over the entire property through tunnels built by the insect. They can inhabit different areas of your home while eating through the wood systematically causing extensive damage even before you discover them. They can live in between your walls or behind baseboards. 

The best type of pest control treatment depends on the type of property you have and the type of termitethat has infested the property. The two main types are the subterranean and the dry wood termite. 

The subterranean termites live in the soil that is underneath your property and must inhabit an area that has moisture. They travel into your home using mud tubes that they build. The pest control Fort Lauderdale treatment for these termites is a treatment of the soil itself. By drilling through the concrete down to the ground itself, pest control technicians inject a toxin that eliminates the pest and prevents further breeding and establishment of colonies in that treated soil.

The dry wood termites live within the structure and not necessarily in the soil. They get the moisture from the wood. The treatment of these critters is usually fumigation of the property because it is not easy to determine the extent of the infestation. However, if fumigation is not an option for you, a spot treatment can be used by drilling into the infected wood and injecting a toxin into the wood. This is limited only to visible termite infestation areas and will not safeguard the entire structure.


The fire ant is a real hazard and may be harmful to humans and pets. Like most ants that affect the area, such as ghost ants that are found in moist places such as in the kitchen or bathroom and the pharaoh ants, their elimination is only through treatment of their nesting grounds. Locating these nesting grounds is hard as they are in non-accessible and challenging areas. 

Pest control technicians use baits that are treated with a toxin to destroy nesting grounds when the antstake this food down to their homes and consequently infect the nest. To avoid constant infestation by ants, keep healthy and clean sanitation practices, keep your landscape trimmed and seal off any cracks or crevices in your home.

Fungus and Insects In Lawns

Lawns and trees or shrubs are susceptible to infestation by a fungus and to disease caused by that fungus. Fungicides are a quick and easy treatment against fungus, but you must be careful to limit these treatments to a schedule of about four to six applications a year to ensure the safety of the organisms living in your lawn. Pests such as aphidsscalemealy bugs and green bugs also cause the growth of a sooty black fungus that infects trees and shrubs. Eliminating these pests prevents the growth of this fungus and protects your lawn.

Harmful bugs can be present in your lawn and without proper control may begin to harm people in the home. Insects such as chinch bugssod webwormsfire ants and armyworms are famous pests that easily infest the home and should be controlled as fast as possible.

Bed Bugs

Our Exterminator technicians at Fort Lauderdale use the most effective procedures to prevent and also solve any kind of Bed Bugs.

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